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Camella Altezza is a residential community located in Bignay and Bagumbong Deparo in the city of Caloocan. The location includes various essential landmarks that a family asks for in order to lead a convenient and comfortable lifestyle. It is situated in close vicinity of essentials like churches, schools, colleges, shopping malls, marketplaces, universities, hospitals and many others. 

Some of the closely located shopping malls and marketplaces include SM Fairview, Bagumbong Market, Zabarte Mall, Bignay Market, and Deparo Market. Having such closely located marketplaces and shopping malls eases out the day-to-day shopping sessions of the residents of Camella Altezza. 

Some of the closely situated schools include Deparo Elementary School, Recom Echiveri High School, Recom Echiveri Elementary School, and Bignay High School. These educational establishments allow the academic upbringing of the kids of the property an easy affair. They require traveling only for short distances in order to reach these establishments which leads to saving a lot of traveling time on a regular basis. They can invest this saved time in productive activities.

If regular worshipping is what you believe in and visiting a church is an essential part of your daily activity then dwelling at Camella Altezza can be extremely convenient for you and your family. There are a number of churches situated in close vicinity of Camella Altezza where one can easily head to on an everyday basis. Some of the various options include Mother of Redeemer Parish, Jesus is Lord - Sta Clara Church, United Methodist Church, and Our Lady of La Naval. 

Medical emergencies are a part of life and one might have to face such scenarios at any hour of the day. While dwelling at Camella Altezza one needn't worry about such medical emergencies as there are a number of hospitals, clinics, and healthcare centers located in close vicinity. Some of such closely located healthcare establishments include San Lorenzo Clinic, Bernandino Hospital, and St. Blaise Clinic. 

Camella Altezza has various nearby located important roadways and terminal stations which makes commutation to and from the property an eased out affair. Deparo UV Express Terminal is one such terminal that Camella Altezza is situated close to. Additionally, roads like Bagumbong Road, Bignay Road, and Deparo Road are other important roads situated close to the property which makes traveling easy for the residents. One can easily avail daily commutation modes like jeeps, tricycle, pedicab, and taxi. This makes life an easy and convenient affair while residing at Camella Altezza. 

This is not the end of the list of the essential establishments located close to Camella Altezza. There are various other landmarks as well. Some of which include Arkong Bato, Monumento, Quezon City Circle, and National Shrine of Lady of Fatima. 

All in all, while talking about the location of Camella Altezza one can easily use the term 'strategic'. The location is an ideal one to set up your family at. Everything that's required for leading a peaceful life is available at an arm's distance while dwelling at Camella Altezza.


  • Mother of Redeemer Parish
  • United Methodist Church
  • Jesus is Lord, Sta Clara Church
  • Our Lady of La Naval


  • Zabarte Mall
  • Sm Fairview


  • San Lorenzo Clinic
  • St. Blaise Clinic
  • Bernandino Hospital

Terminal Station:

  • Deparo UV Express Terminal


  • Deparo Elementary School
  • Recom Echiveri Elementary School
  • Recom Echiveri High School
  • Bignay High School


  • Bagumbong Market
  • Deparo Market
  • Bignay Market

Major Roads:

  • Bagumbong Road
  • Deparo Road
  • Bignay Road


  • Jeep
  • Pedica
  • Tricycle
  • Taxi

Other Landmarks:

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